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Not only does Curt know how to excel in athletics… but he is an avid Trades Professional as an Interprovincial Red Seal Powerline Technician.  Curt brings a humbling experience to every audience he is able to speak to as he shares a dark and traumatic journey.  To date, Curt has had the opportunity to speak to over 100 different audiences from workplaces to schools as a key note speaker and advocate for injured workers all over our country. These presentations describe in detail how close to death Curt was and his motivation to become LIMITLESS.


Curt Minard had a dream in 2012. Which was to set out and inspire individuals who didn't "believe" they could achieve greatness, simply because they had a disability.  


In September of 2008, Curt  was involved in a electrical contact accident. That warm fall day began seemingly like any other, yet a series of missed barriers led to Curt being electrocuted with 14,400 volts of electricity. Curt’s body struggled to hold on, after 5 amps of electricity had forged their path of destruction. However, his will to survive was much stronger. With insurmountable odds against him, Curt was determined not only to survive such a tragedy, but also to thrive. Curt’s story and his determination to conquer the odds are as impactful as they are inspirational! Curt’s narrative of his journey from being able bodied to an individual with different abilities is inspirational and entertaining. Curt shows how one man’s worst nightmare can become another’s dream.


Not only does Curt believe in pushing personal limits of inner determination, it also empowers work environments of the importance in safety, in the hopes to save just one life or accident in the workplace. 


As a newly added addition to Curt's portfolio.....we have decided not only to share Curt Minard's traumatic/successful story through presentations but also to write a biography with the unfiltered truth!!! For those that have heard in person about what Curt encountered to date, be prepared for a roller coaster of emotions about his life! and to those that don't know him.... this story will empower you! stay tuned...\\



"I have had the great opportunity to attend the presentation twice now, and I am still very moved by Curt and his story. I think any company that wants to drive home a Safety Message to it's employees, should book a presentation. It will be well worth it. I am friends with Curt's father and he is usually present at Curt's local presentations, and even hearing the impact on the family, I still can't imagine the pain and anguish. Curt is truly inspiring!!

                              ~Jeffrey Cherlet, Safety Supervisor - Weyburn, SK.

''The presentation really hit home. To have a powerline technician delivering such a strong message, one that everyone relates to, has created a heightened awareness amongst SaskPower employees. The message you provide fits into SaskPower's strategy and direction to ensure barriers are identified in all hazard and risk assessments. Ensuring everyone is responsible for their own safety and the importance to speak up when they identify an issue with a procedure is a huge message and you drove that point home numerous times throughout your presentation. Family and safety come first. Great Message! ''

                             ~Donovan Nelson, SaskPower

In my 30 years in the Electrical Utility Sector I’ve never seen a more well received presentation by our staff. Curt’s candor made for an incredibly powerful message and his ability to create an honest dialogue between himself and his audience made it even more meaningful. I would strongly encourage you to have Curt deliver his message to your staff.

You will not be dissappointed!

                             ~Ian Murray, Utilities Safety Supervisor EnWin, Windsor, ON.

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