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Western Canadian Amp Hockey🇨🇦

Had the honour to share the ice with these amputee hockey players whom all came out to unite in putting disability on the ice!! From the young kids to the national players it was an amazing weekend at Winsport Olympic Park in Calgary. A big thank you to Head Coach Jamie McGuire and all the help from all in facilitating this western hockey camp.

I also had the opportunity to have my cousins share in some on ice drills etc and was super stoked to see their skills out there! Thx Trey, Braydon, Carson 🤘🇨🇦🏒

The look on people's faces when we show them that all these players are missing a limb and can still play hockey from the recreational level to the national level often is a jaw dropping effect😳! It is an amazing program to be a part of and I can wait to see what is next for Canadian Amputee Hockey!🤘🇨🇦🏒

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