3rd Consecutive 🇨🇦National 🥇

3rd straight consecutive National title won  🤘🇨🇦🏂... stoked to have laid down three straight heat wins and wrap up the season with a 🥇. Thank you to all my support and sponsors #thebest and to my family who continually push limits to support me #loveuall❤️ #pushinlimits


Reflecting back to “remember the other day” 😂 what an adventure and achievement for us all🙏🙌. I haven’t fully written my ending yet, all I know is I have one more race this season, Canadian Nationals 🤘🇨🇦 #nextweek #bigwhiteskiresort #sendit thankful for the opportunity to wear the maple leaf again and 🙌 to my teammates #pushinlimits #paracrew #paratough #teamcanada🇨🇦 #❤️thosepeeps 📸 @cdnparalympics @e_3_e

Pushing limits with 🇨🇦

@sportcanada 🤘🇨🇦❤️.... thx for the support and helping me push limits 🙏 sky is the limit #pushinlimits #canada🇨🇦 #parasnowboard #sportcanada #vernon #britishcolumbia @ Vernon, British Columbia

Home sweet 🇨🇦💥

Returned home to this thoughtful gift from @cibcnow 🙌💥💯 and was sent a shot from a billboard that a couple teammates and me are in @sportcanada in Ottawa🤘. #pushinlimits #thankful #paralympian #canada🇨🇦 @ Vernon, British Columbia

Journey back to 🇨🇦

Starting the journey home from @pyeongchang2018 🤘💥. So incredible to share this with my family, team, fellow athletes , Canadians , and everyone out there #pushinlimits . Forever grateful and so excited to stoked to be on route to 🇨🇦💯💪 @ Inchoen Soul, Korea

Closing Ceremonies

Closing ceremonies 💥💯... great experience and so stoked to share such an amazing journey with the Canada snowboard crew 🤘🇨🇦🏂. Big 🙌 to @cdnparalympics , @paralympics and all the volunteers that made this possible 🙏 #pushinlimits #teamcanada🇨🇦 #representtheredandwhite #crushingoals #believe @ PyeongChang

Carvin into Closing Ceremonies

Carvin our way into closing ceremonies tonight...🇨🇦🤘🏂 tune in at 3 am pst 😁, or hit the pvr or stream it 🖐 congrats to the all the athletes crushing it over in @pyeongchang2018 #teamcanada🇨🇦 #paralympics #pushinlimits #representheredandwhite @ PyeongChang

Paralympic Bank Slalom 8th

What a day the final event in Bank Slalom Snowboarding was🤘💯... was sitting in 4th after the first run and kept shaving time all the way into my 3rd and final run. But the boys were running fast🔥and we were all tight in the top 8. Finished the event 8th.🤘🙏 super stoked for the incredible experience and an extreme honour to represent the maple leaf #pushinlimits #teamcanada #representtheredandwhite #pyeongchang2018 #paralympics @ Pyeongchang Olympic Stadium

Paralympic 6th SBX🇨🇦

What a day! 💯 upper limb category in Snowboard debuted for the first time in the 2018 Paralympics and I was the first athlete to drop in the category wearing bib #1 🙏 stoked 🙌 for the Para movement. Finished off Qualifications in 4th and ended up wrapping up in 6th place, happy with the opportunity to represent 🇨🇦 and to race with such great athletes🙌. Big congrats to all whom landed on the podium today, very deserving 🤘🏂. 📸 @vf.pirie #pushinlimits #teamcanada🇨🇦 #crushingit #believe

My Supporters 💪💯

Thx for all the ❤️🇨🇦 today in @pyeongchang2018 @paralympics in SBX 🙌💯👈 #pushinlimits #thankful #crushingoals #teamcanada🇨🇦 #sbxlife🏂 @ PyeongChang

SBX race day vibes

Sending it straight into my first Paralympics SBX race. Feeling great and excited to be competing on this platform for 🇨🇦. 📸 @e_3_e #pushinlimits #believe #representtheredandwhite #teamcanada #paralympics #2018

Official Training Day SBX

🖐 to everyone back home 🇨🇦...day 1 training is done and onto our final training day today🤘SBX race day is tomorrow 🙌. #pushinlimits #teamcanada #paralympics #2018 #sbxlife🏂 @ PyeongChang

Opening Ceremonies

Opening ceremonies and was super stoked to walk with this crew and represent 🇨🇦💯💥 #pushinlimits #teamcanada #representtheredandwhite 🇨🇦🤘🇨🇦

Lead up to opening ceremonies

Ridin straight into the Paralympic Opening Ceremonies today @pyeongchang2018 with the @can paralympics team #openingceremony2018 #representtheredandwhite #pushinlimits 📸 @liddlewawa @ Pyeongchang Olympic Stadium

Athlete Village Arrival

Arrived at the Athlete Village 🤘💯 Stoked to be a part of this journey🇨🇦🏂. Headed over to Canadian Paralympic House to take in the festivities and they announced our flag bearer🙏🇨🇦 💪 @ PyeongChang


On route to Olympic/Paralympic village today 🤘🇨🇦 opening ceremonies tomorrow, then 2 days of SBX training then its race day🏂. Loving the vibes and thx to everyone for the messages of encouragement #pushinlimits #representtheredandwhite #teamcanada #parasnowboard @cdnparalympics 📸 @edraht @ PyeongChang

Paralympic Snowboard Squad

The Canadian Paralympic Snowboard crew🤘🇨🇦🏂 , stoked for what’s to come for us all❤️💯👈 #pushiimits @cdnparalympics @canadasnowboardteam

South Korea staging camp

So stoked to have these ❤️’s in Korea with me🙏... arrived to our staging camp at High One Resort, get the legs back under and prepare for some 🏂🤘🇨🇦. @ High 1 Resort

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