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9 years later, celebrating life

A day of reflection for me as I celebrate life! 9 years ago this structure almost took my life, although it looked very different in construction phase. It reminds me of the roar of electricity and the countless nightmares I had from it. But.... looking back, I am thankful that we faced each other as it showed me who I really was under all those layers. From boiled skin , boiling blood, dissolving soft tissue,3rd degree burns, amputations, artery bursting, pulmonary embolisms, ptsd and years of rebuilding mentally and physically.... I made it!! There was a world and every odd against me to survive 14400 volts of roaring electricity with enough amperage to kill me 5 times over. I live by simple motos... "Believe"and "Limitless". A very special thx to everyone that has pushed me to be the best person I have became! I owe you all! Don't let anyone tell you that you can't do great things, dig deep and find that inner beast, were all capable of achieving anything we set our minds too. Love you all #myfamily #believe #pushinlimits #limitless #14400volts #alloddsagainstme #powerlineman #cdnparalympic #canadianpara #bestfamily #bestsupporters #pushinlimits2k17 🤘🇨🇦🙏❤️ 

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